Will Edgecombe is a documentary and lifestyle photographer based in London, UK. He is a contributor to Skate[Slate] magazine and a devotee to skateboarding in its many forms. During extensive travels Will has been documenting the evolution of downhill skateboarding and obsessively capturing life as a contract worker in shipyards. 

Selected clients

Surfdome, MOO Print, Jura Whisky, Whole Earth Foods, D-Street Longboards, Newton's Shred, Loading Bar, BTR Custom Leathers

Featured in 

Wired, MCV, Edge, Concrete Wave (USA), Tribo (Brazil), Thrill (UK), Heelside Magazine (AUS), Skate[Slate] (CAN), New York Times, New Scientist, The Guardian, The Sun, Daily Mail online, Stylist.co.uk, Continue Magazine, Wheelbase Magazine.

Other skills 

Photographer's assistant

Graphic Design & Branding, Retouching.


Supported by Newton's Shred Skateshop, Rayne Longboards and Cult Wheels.

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