Will Edgecombe

Rituals with Gravity

An Ethnographic field report from some special Canadian downhill skateboarding events.

Attack of Danger Bay 15, Jake's Rash and the IDF Britannia Classic

West Coast of Canada, 2016

Published in Late Summer '16 issue of Skate[Slate] magazine.

(excerpt from article)

These days prepackaged entertainment is a diversion, designed to distract us from how we as a society have largely forgotten fun. We’re a sanitised culture that’s losing the ability to play. 

Skateboarding can be seen as a decentralised worship of play. The average devotee is on a path to learning that there’s a world within themselves, certainly beyond what The Man can ever spoon-feed him or her. Our subculture is at risk of being sold out from underneath, but the raw interconnectedness of our consciousness goes deep. Immersed in the lush rainforest of the Sunshine Coast, the arching skyline of Britannia, and raw 'family-friendly' fun of the Rash we got down to what we do best.


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